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  • Heat storage tanks/storage technology/systems (thermal)
  • Cooling/temperature management
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With its leading competence in thermal energy storage solutions, AXIOTHERM enables industry and service companies to benefit from increased efficiency and effectiveness offered by PCM (Phase Change Materials). Offering extensive experience in development and application planning, AXIOTHERM is a manufacturer and expert partner for leading companies, and your specialist for cost-efficient systems based on approved macro encapsulations.


Spectrum of applications


“Axiotherm” addresses the use of phase change materials in all fields of engineering. The storage of “cold” or “heat” in corresponding media is just one of these fields. Technical heat management is another overarching field in which the function of PCMs contributes to the stability and extended life of systems under thermal stress. It is used for saving energy, increasing comfort, elevating thermal masses, peak cutting (interception of temperature spikes) and more. In each such application, the PCM is a key factor in sustainably improving the system. Our team can apply its many years of combined experience to the benefit of your project, and we are always open to new application ideas. Get in touch with us!


Axiotherm PCM


The Axiotherm Phase Change Materials are designed to absorb and release large quantities of thermal energy at constant temperatures. Over 30 organic (ATP) and inorganic (ATS) high-performance PCM in a temperature range between -40 °C to 120 °C.  Upon request further melting temperatures can be developed for specific applications!


Key features of the AXIOTHERM® PCM are:


  • High heat storage capacities
  • Consistent, repeatable performance over thousands of thermal cycles
  • Simple and safe handling
  • Also based on renewable raw materials, nontoxic and biodegradable


Axiotherm PCM are preferably available in special macro-encapsulated form with an optimized surface-to-mass ratio for faster energy exchange and improved performance in practical applications. Standardised solutions such as our HeatSel®s and HeatPlates are available for water and air-based applications and can be adapted to your specific requirements.