FAQS for Exhibitors

Why was The smarter E Europe 2020 canceled?

We decided to cancel the exhibitions and the parallel conferences, which would have taken place from June 16–19, 2020, on account of the increasing spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) worldwide and in response to recommendations from the German federal government as well as the Bavarian state government.
The health of the exhibitors, visitors and employees as well as the general public is our top priority. The smarter E Europe is a large international event which welcomes around 1,400 exhibitors from 45 countries and 50,000 visitors from over 160 countries. Under the prevailing circumstances, it would be impossible to organize and host such an international exhibition without critical complications.

I registered to be a main exhibitor at one of the exhibitions of The smarter E Europe 2020. What do I do now?

We have already contacted all main exhibitors to discuss the next steps following the cancellation of The smarter E Europe 2020 as well as how participation in The smarter E Europe 2021 will work.

Can our 2020 registration simply be carried over to 2021?

We are delighted that you would like to take part in next year’s event. Unfortunately, we cannot carry your registration over to next year. We have already contacted you regarding how to proceed.

I registered to be a co-exhibitor at one of the exhibitions of The smarter E Europe 2020. What do I do now?

Co-exhibitors who have registered for one of the exhibitions of The smarter E Europe should contact their contractual partner (the main exhibitor) to discuss further details.
The co-exhibitor fee will be waived.

What happens with the services I ordered?

Services booked via the Exhibitor Cockpit will be canceled.
For services booked through an independent third party, the next steps will depend entirely on the contractual relationship between the relevant parties. Please contact the provider with whom you booked the services in question.

We have already distributed entry vouchers to our customers and business contacts. Will they remain valid?

Purchased tickets as well as entry vouchers, whether or not they have been redeemed, will no longer be valid in 2021! Everyone who has registered will receive an automated message regarding this shortly. Cancellation is not necessary. If you have sent your customers information about the event, you may want to inform them of the cancellation, as we can only use our ticket system to contact those who have already registered.

We have already registered exhibitor tickets for our colleagues. Will we be charged for them? Will they remain valid for the 2021 event?

Registered exhibitor tickets will no longer be valid in 2021!  Cancellation is not necessary.

What will happen with flights and train journeys, hotel rooms, etc. which have already been booked?

Any and all expenditures made (e.g. for hotel accommodation and travel) must be borne by exhibitors themselves.
If you have any questions regarding your travel booking, please contact the provider with whom you made the booking. For all necessary details, please consult the cancellation policy which you received from the provider upon booking. The same applies to reservations or bookings made for hotels and other accommodation.

Is there an alternative format in the pipeline to enable discussion and networking in 2020 despite the circumstances?

We are currently planning an alternative format. Between now and June of next year, when The smarter E Europe 2021 will take place, we will provide our exhibitors and anyone else who is interested with opportunities to network and exchange information and news surrounding the energy industry online. As the event organizer, this interpersonal exchange is very important to us. We will contact our exhibitors and visitors again as soon as the planning phase is complete and everything is in place. Of course, we will also continue to post updates on our website and social media accounts.

What online events and services will The smarter E Europe be offering?

The smarter E Europe be offering a number of ways to stay connected online with news from the new energy world, including:

  • the AWARD Ceremony for The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD on June 30, 2020
  • webinars on industry topics
  • podcasts featuring major players in the new energy world discussing controversial industry topics, current trends and innovations
  • digital exhibitions and conferences

We are busy planning a broad range of online events and services and look forward to being able to present you with the results.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments (Ms. Antje Seeck, Head of Marketing and Communication, Solar Promotion GmbH, +49 7231/58598-207

How can my customers find me?

We see our exhibitor list as a networking platform created by and for the major players of the energy world, connecting visitors with exhibitors. Visitors can use it to find information on exhibitors such as contact information, product groups, services, etc.  Go to the exhibitor list

Which exhibitors are currently included in the exhibitor list?

The exhibitor list includes all the exhibitors who were registered for The smarter E Europe 2020 at the time it was canceled. Go to the exhibitor list

When will The smarter E Europe next take place?

The smarter E Europe will be held in Munich next year, from June 9–11, 2021.

When will the application for The smarter E Europe 2021 be made available?

We will send you the application for The smarter E Europe 2021 on May 15, 2020.

When can I purchase tickets for The smarter E Europe 2021?

Tickets for the exhibitions and conferences as well as all other workshops, side events and social events will be available on our website from February 2021.

Will special safety measures be taken for The smarter E Europe 2021?

The organizers and Messe München are in close contact with the relevant public health authorities. We will collaborate with these authorities to decide at the appropriate time what safety measures, if any, will be necessary at the next event

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Should you have any other questions, please call us at +49 761 3881-3700 or send us an email at TheSmarterE(at)

What happens with the AWARDS?

Although The smarter E Europe 2020 has been canceled and The smarter E South America 2020 postponed, we still want to take the time to recognize market leaders, SMEs, start-ups and project owners for their pioneering solutions and projects with the most important innovation prizes in the energy industry. The winners of The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD will be honored in a virtual ceremony at the end of June 2020. Submissions can still be made until the extended deadline of April 30.