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Classic example of a green energy roof

The smarter E Europe – Start-up Stories

Start-up interview: “We are doubling rooftop biodiversity”

While green roofs can retain water and offer new habitats, rooftops are also needed to generate solar power. In our interview, Marcel Jastram, CEO of start-up Contec Deutschland, explains how his company’s system meets these needs while also improving PV system yields.


The smarter E Europe – Expert Interviews

Learning from the best

Seven questions on innovative utility companies and the Energy Transition Award for Martin Ammon of EuPD Research.


EM-Power Europe – Expert Interviews

The ideal smart grid doesn’t exist

Seven questions on the current situation surrounding smart grids in Germany and the rest of Europe for Arno Ritzenthaler, CEO of Smart Grids-Plattform Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Machine identity ledger

EM-Power Europe – Industry News

Future Energy Lab develops digital register for the energy industry

The German Energy Agency is working with partners from industry and research to launch a blockchain-based machine identity ledger – a decentralized, digital register of the identities of individual devices and installations.


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