Gianni Ceneri

Job Title
Head of Technology Development / CTO
Gridspertise Srl

Gianni Ceneri is Chief Technology Officer at Gridspertise and currently in charge of the sustainable design and development of Gridspertise's technological solutions for the electricity distribution business with a specific focus on the implementation of smart grid frameworks and leveraging innovation in the energy business. The technologies developed along the last years represent a strong boosting factors for the DSOs that are facing the challenge of the Energy Transition accelerating the digitalization and evolution of the existing grids and including a cloud-edge approach needed to enable new use cases for the integration of DERs and complex loads.
Along years, Mr. Ceneri has contributed to the extension of the organization's market leadership in the Smart Metering and Smart Grids sector through an unyielding commitment to innovation and engineering excellence. Mr. Ceneri had international professional experiences both in Europe (Spain, Netherlands), Far East (PRC) and Latin America focused on the development, manufacturing and certification of smart metering products.
Mr. Ceneri has managed many massive rollouts of Smart Metering solutions around the worlds with main focus on the piloting phases in order to validate the technologies before the handover to normal operations.

June 13, 2023Panel Discussion

June 13, 2023How Technology May Enable Advanced Use Cases and Support the Resiliency

The Power of Digitalization to Address System Efficiency and Net Zero Grid

Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 04:30 pm - 06:00 pm

ICM München Room 13 A

Power system decarbonization is one of the most important pillars for achieving net zero ambitions and accelerating the energy transition journey.This session focuses on the key roles that digitalization plays in accelerating the realization of decarbonization and energy transition ambitions and will showcase how grid digitalization tackles challenges such as the integration of more renewables at different grid voltage levels, heat and transport electrification, and the more "weather-dependent" grid. Additionally, light will be shed on technologies enabling grid digital transformation and on effective digital transformation strategies to realize value for the system.

Joint Session
Innovation, New Market Designs and Flexibility Needs to Integrate Large-Scale Renewables

Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 02:30 pm - 04:00 pm

ICM München Room 13 A

Storage technologies are emerging as a key solution that will provide flexibility. Digital technologies are emerging with new applications, supporting a faster response and increased flexibility to integrate higher shares of variable renewables. Further great potential for increased flexibility lies in the demand response, but the question remains as to how to unlock and properly value it. New market designs and regulations are needed to incentivize flexibility from all assets. This session will provide examples of emerging innovative solutions to enable a large share of renewables to be integrated into power systems, and include a debate around the market design and regulatory innovations needed to scale up such solutions.

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