Márcio Takata

Job Title
Greener Tecnologias Sustentáveis

Electrical Engineer - Escola Politecnica da USP, and MBA from INSPER, is an expert in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Professor responsible for Solar Energy in EUREM - European Energy Manager - Post Graduation Program for Energy Managers development.

Professor of CSP - Concentrating Solar Power - ISITEC/Brazil in cooperation with GIZ/Germany.

Director of Greener /Enovasolar, has helped numerous companies to become more sustainable, evaluating and implementing energy optimization and renewable energy technologies.

Has been developing Projects and Technical design for Distributed and Utility Scale PV Plants in different regions of Brazil.

Contributes to the training of professionals in the theme Solar Energy, through courses, lectures and workshops, aimed at engineers and entrepreneurs.

October 20, 2021Introduction and Moderation

October 20, 2021The Business Models for the Free Market

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The Fantastic 4: Energy Transition for Buildings

March 23, 2021

The Fantastic 4: Energy Transition for Buildings

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Márcio Trannin (Sunco Capital)

Managing Director


Vice-President of the Board of Administrators of ABSOLAR (Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association). <br />7+ years experience in Business Development and M&A in Renewables in Brazil and Uruguay, working for Enel Green Power. <br />13+ years experience in Regulatory Affairs and Energy Trading of several technologies (renewables, gas, large hidro plants) in Brazil, working for Enel. <br />Institutional experience in Brazilian Electric Sector after more than 20 years working in the sector. <br />Post-graduation in Corporate and Market Finance from IBMEC and graduation in Mechanical Engineering from UERJ (University from Rio de Janeiro State).


Frank Haugwitz (Solar Promotion International GmbH)

Head of Intersolar Conference Development


Since June 2006 China Country Correspondent of Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) (www.ren21.net). <br /> <br />Frank Haugwitz, 43, an industrial mechanic by profession, with a degree in Applied Business Languages (Sinology) and International Business Management, the native German has been working as a long-term expert on photovoltaic and renewable energy projects in China > supported by Germany and the European Union > since the summer of 2002. Due to his extensive and sound knowledge of Asia’s photovoltaic development, international news media and photovoltaic associations often refer to Haugwitz as an expert resource. <br /> <br />Furthermore, he regularly publishes articles in related magazines like New Energy and is frequently invited to speak at conferences. In late 2006 he launched the China Renewable Energy Information web site (www.frankhaugwitz.info) as part of his efforts to provide advisory services on market intelligence, government institutions and policies, as well as business development regarding photovoltaics in China. Since February 2010 he serves as head of Intersolar Conference Development.