Remondis operates Europe’s largest industrial recycling management plant in Luenen

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Between energies - How energy management software controls digital processes in recycling

February 2, 2019 - Remondis operates Europe’s largest industrial recycling management plant in Luenen. In order to monitor and evaluate the substance and energy flows from 1,500 meters, the company uses the energy management software IngSoft InterWatt. The software has been adapted to enable it to provide billing for around 50 energy properties. more

Heat Transition in Germany: Still wishful thinking or already reality?

EuPD Research analyzed consumers' decision-making behavior regarding the purchase of a climate-friendly heating system as part of the study "Heat Transition in Germany - A Status and Potential Analysis of the German Heating Market". The aim of the study is to determine which technologies are most relevant, when and why potential customers decide against purchasing, and where there is a lack of detailed information. more

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Best practice case study

What counts - Smart power meters enable intelligent energy monitoring in chain stores

December 5, 2018 – As a textile retailer, NKD always has its eye on the latest trends. But it’s staying ahead of the curve with its power meters – over the last few months, it has been replacing 1,300 analog meters with smart devices that use a communication interface. The devices were fitted by a competitive company which will also operate them on NKD’s behalf. This will benefit the retailer even before the official rollout in Germany.  more

Manifesto: Call for a successful transition to renewables in the transportation sector

Political course corrections, coupled with the alarming reports on climate conservation, have led the organizers behind Power2Drive Europe and other endorsers to initiate a manifesto. The aim is to deepen the close connection between e-mobility and renewable sources of energy and achieve a sustainable future. more

Homeowners in Switzerland see the energy transition as an opportunity – the offer of the utilities so far is constrained

Swiss homeowners link mainly positive aspects to the energy transition, such as their own contribution to climate protection. This is shown in the results of a current survey from EuPD Research. However, a complete analysis of the portfolios of all Swiss energy suppliers in regards to products, services and information regarding the energy transition shows, that their offer is still expandable. more

Sharp increase in demand for Solar Power Storage units

More and more households and businesses are storing self-generated solar power / 80,000 storage units already installed / German Solar Association expects double-digit market growth to continue into 2018. more

Price, ecology and proximity: these are the deciding factors when choosing an energy supplier

When choosing an energy supplier, the prices for electricity- and heat products are the main concern for private households. A survey by EuPD Research in the DACH-region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) shows that for more than half of the survey participants, the ecological commitment and green products, as well as a local proximity is as important. The survey results are part of the “Energiewende Award 2018”. more

Professional energy customers take center stage

Interview with Martin Pfränger on the 2018 premiere of the EM-Power exhibition

In addition to the established exhibitions Intersolar and ees Europe, Solar Promotion has joined forces with FWTM and Messe München to present EM-Power for the first time in Munich in 2018.

Under the umbrella of The smarter E, two new exhibitions – EM-Power and Power2Drive – will be held alongside Intersolar and ees Europe in Munich this coming June. Why is Solar Promotion taking this step? more