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David Eitzinger, Berliner Energieinstitut

The smarter E Europe – Start-up Stories

Start-up interview: “It’s fascinating to discover how much energy is consumed and what for.”

Annett Keith and David Eitzinger founded Berliner Energieinstitut in 2016. When they were unable to find any suitable, easy-to-use equipment for the temporary metering of electricity flows, they decided to develop their own. In this interview, David Eitzinger explains how Emonio fills a gap in the…


industrial high-temperature heat pump

EM-Power – Industry News

Heat pump technology improves industrial drying processes

In mid-December 2019, the first industrial high-temperature heat pump went into demo operation at the Wienerberger Österreich GmbH brickworks in Uttendorf, Austria. According to the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the heat pump converts waste heat produced during the brick drying process into…


Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

EM-Power – Industry News

Holistic energy management on ice

The Belgian polar base Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is the first emissions-free research station in Antarctica. A hybrid system that intelligently combines the renewable energy sources of the sun and wind provides the energy to supply the station, making electricity and heating available to the…



EM-Power – Industry News

Solar oysters produce power and heat instead of pearls

Since December, the Nuremberg Zoo has been home to a very special animal – a SunOyster. Like an oyster, the solar system can close itself up to protect against strong winds. The unique solar technology combines photovoltaics and solar thermal technologies.


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