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The smarter E AWARD 2021: Winners Announced

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Success stories wanted: Apply for the international prizes for the new energy world today

Boris Palmer

How will Tübingen Become Climate-Neutral by 2030, Boris Palmer?

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Powerful pioneers for 30 years: Intersolar turns 30

Tobias Dworschak

How Can Quarter Concepts and Contracting Work Well Together?

Industry News

IEA: Start the End of the Fossil Age Now

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The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 – Green Light for the Energy Transition

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Hydrogen Manifesto introduced at The smarter E Europe Restart 2021

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Using Renewable Energy Potentials for Increasing Electricity Demand

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Weather and Yield Forecast Support Smart Power Grids

Hans Korteweg

The Role of Cogeneration in the New Energy World

Dr. Paul Troughton

Customers Benefiting from Flexibility?

Start-up Stories

Start-up Interview: "We Turn Flexibility into Money on the Intraday Market”

Konrad Benze | Johannes Brodführer

Will There Soon be a Kind of AirBnB for Charging Stations?

Nicolaus Schuerhoff

Fight Against Climate Crisis: Effective Strategies for Companies

Expert Interview

PV Building Integration

Olaf Höhn

Florida-Eis Manufaktur - this is how "climate neutral" production works

Expert Interview

"We Are Standing in Front of this Mindset Issue"

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Combined Heat and Powers as a Key Component of Sustainable Energy Supply

Simon Schweda

Virtual Power Plants – Renewable Electricity at Any Time

Sebnem Ruitschka

What Role does Blockchain Play in the Energy World Now and in the Future?