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“In fact We Are a Highly Secure Cloud Solution for Critical Infrastructure”

“Companies Are Considering how They Want Their Businesses to Look in 2050"

The smarter E AWARD 2021: Winners Announced

ees AWARD 2021: Awards for Innovative Batteries and Energy Storage Systems

Digital Grid Lab Simulates Real Power Grid

Powerful pioneers for 30 years: Intersolar turns 30

Siemens and Meteoviva join forces for self-learning and self-regulating buildings

"We translate the emissions accounting of a company into a degree Celsius number"

Local charging stations as prerequisite for electric cars

App Store for Sustainable Energy Generation

Siemens Turns to Hot Stones for the Energy Transition

Hydrogen Power Plant for Domestic Use

The smarter E AWARD 2021: Finalists Present Pioneering Projects and Products for Energy Industry

"We Need to Take a Good Hard Look at Ways to Improve Efficiency"

Electricity, Heating and Cooling All from a Single Unit

Heating, Cooking and Hot Water Only with Hydrogen

Researching Low-Carbon Industrial Processes

„Having Spot Exposure Doesn't Actually Mean You Have Any Flexibility from It“

The smarter E Europe to be held as The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 in October

„We Are the Pain Relievers for Operators of Decentralized Systems“

Combined Heat and Power is the Backbone of the Energy Transition

Weather and yield forecasts support smart power grids

Houston Has a Problem: Microgrids Could Help

France and Great Britain Lead Demand Side Flexibility in Europe

Expert Interviews – "We need a giant switch that we can flip quickly"

Cost-Neutral Switching to Green Heat for Real-Estate Owners

Advocating Together for More Intelligence in the Grid

100% Renewably Sourced Energy, 24 Hours a Day

Most Challenging Places for 100% Renewable Electricity

Climate-Neutral Companies are on the Rise

Smart Grids: Intelligently Regulating Energy Supply

"Cogeneration evolving into the backbone of a decentralized, integrated energy system"

Start-up Interview: „We want to decarbonize the industry“

Coronavirus Pandemic – a Catalyst for Sustainability

Danish Port City to Decarbonise Heat Supply

Energy Storage Solution for Singapore’s First Virtual Power Plant

Combined Heat and Powers as a Key Component of Sustainable Energy Supply

Start-up Interview: "We Turn Flexibility into Money on the Intraday Market”

Flexibility Management to Save £250 Million in Grid Operations

Energy Game-Changers Wanted: Apply for the AWARDs

Grid Balancing for UK Power Stations

Co-Optimizing Consumer and Grid Services

Amazon Becomes World’s Largest Corporate Purchaser of Renewable Energy

Alfen Selected as Supplier for British Gas

Stem to Combine with Star Peak Creating Public Company