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Industry Voices

"Our virtual power plant connects solar and wind farms, electricity storage systems, Power-to-X installations and more. This allows us to help balance out fluctuations in energy supply and demand. With its focus on smart renewable energy, EM-Power is the perfect platform for us to showcase what we have to offer.”

Jochen Schwill, CEO Next Kraftwerke

Industry Voices

"To drive forward the energy transition, electricity, heat and transport sectors must be coupled. This is the only way to efficiently integrate renewables into the energy system via load shifting, storage and power-to-X technologies. EM-Power Europe will show how sector coupling can be implemented in neighborhoods."

Robert Busch, Managing Director Bundesverband Neue Energiewirtschaft

Industry Voices

Cogeneration is evolving into the backbone of a decentralized, integrated energy system where energy will be generated and consumed at a local or distributed level. We support EM-Power Europe as a partner because all stakeholders of a decentralized energy system come together here.

Hans Korteweg, Geschäftsführer bei COGEN Europe

Industry Voices

"Prosumers are playing an increasingly important role in the energy transition. By generating, consuming or storing electricity in a self-distributed manner, they ensure a balance between the supply and demand of renewable energies in a smart grid. At EM-Power Europe, the topic will get the attention it deserves."

Frauke Thies, Executive Director, smartEn (Smart Energy Europe)

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