ABB and MVV join forces in the name of efficiency

ABB and MVV develop energy efficiency service

ABB and MVV have joined forces in the name of energy efficiency, as announced at the Hannover Messe exhibition at the beginning of April.

The energy service provider MVV and the technology group ABB have coordinated in developing “energy and efficiency as a service”. The companies say that their full-service solution is intended to help industrial enterprises and energy companies – depending on their individual goals – to improve their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and decrease their energy costs. To achieve this, the energy flows from industrial systems and energy infrastructures are measured, processed in real time and optimized for virtual power plants using OPTIMAX, a software program designed by ABB. According to the two partners, the energy management software is capable of integrating a new generation of installations into a virtual power plant as well as pooling decentralized generation plants and flexible consumers. This pooling approach should allow for seamless collection, management and sharing of environmental data related to energy use. Users can then automate operational processes for their generating installations, controllable loads and storage systems, explain the partners.

Virtual power plant links consumers and storage systems

MVV can use the virtual power plant to intelligently link flexibilities in the form of interruptible loads and energy storage facilities with the energy market. Moreover, the company advises its customers on issues surrounding energy infrastructure. Dr. Joachim Hofmann , Senior Vice President  of MVV Enamic, says: “Energy and efficiency as a service is intended to support companies as they adopt new energy business models, making it possible to review and optimize the entire value chain of energy services, from consulting to operations, thus enabling our customers to leverage commercial savings and even generate additional revenues by marketing the available flexibilities or surplus energy.”

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ABB Solar, a subsidiary of ABB, is an exhibitor at Intersolar Europe 2019, booth B2.210.