Hydrogen CHP to form part of a pilot project in Dubai

Hydrogen combined heat and power plant (CHP)

The combined heat and power plant (CHP) agenitor 412 uses green hydrogen to generate electricity. (Copyright: 2G Energy AG)

2G Energy AG has received an order to deliver a hydrogen-driven CHP system to Siemens AG. The 2G agenitor 412 forms part of a project on the Arabian Peninsula to produce hydrogen utilizing a solar powered electrolysis plant manufactured by Siemens. The green hydrogen is then to be harnessed for emission-free re-generation with the 2G CHP unit. The solar power will be generated in one of the world's largest solar parks, which will be expanded to a capacity of 800 MW by mid-2020. This is a pilot project to test how the produced gas can be stored and converted back into electricity, or how it can be utilized for transportation purposes or other industrial applications. 2G is expected to deliver and install the hydrogen CHP by the end of the year. The company is a full service provider of combined heat and power plants with electric output between 20 kW and 2,000 kW, which are deployed for the decentralized generation and supply of electricity and heating.

The versatility of solar power

Power-to-Gas or Power-to-X is a key technology for storing electricity generated from renewable energies both seasonally and long-term. It involves using electrolysis to create hydrogen, which is quite versatile in its applications in sector coupling, from heating to transportation to industry. Moreover, synthesis processes can then be used to convert the hydrogen into the gaseous energy source methane or into liquid fuels. Power-to-Gas is therefore right in line with the other topics featured in Munich at The smarter E Europe – the innovation hub for new energy solutions. The smarter E is supported by the associations Eurogas and Hydrogen Europe following the launch of a collaboration initiative in March. (SP)

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