Integrating prosumers into the energy market

Energy app for prosumers

Prosumers can manage their own power generation and consumption with coneva’s energy app. They also have the opportunity to stay informed about the regional energy balance. (Copyright: coneva)

The utilities company Allgäuer Überlandwerk (AÜW) and coneva, a corporate start-up founded by SMA Solar Technology AG, want to work together to develop solutions for intelligent prosumer energy management. And their goal is not just to optimize in-house energy flows, they say in a press release, but to economically integrate prosumers into the energy market and connect them with each other. AÜW and coneva share the vision of a regional energy product which accurately portrays generation and consumption by all participants in the energy industry, taking into account how these processes occur simultaneously.

From energy management to energy market

The initial step involves putting selected customers of the Allgäu-based energy service provider in charge of local energy management for their PV systems using an energy app specially developed by coneva. In addition to the PV installation and battery storage systems, charging stations for electric vehicles and heat pumps could also be integrated, for example, to help ensure intelligent use of PV power and an overall increase in self-consumption. Connecting the PV systems to the IoT energy management platform ennexOS would also enable a comprehensive online overview of all systems. This would establish the foundation for simulating the optimal size of a local storage system or power-to-heat installation on the basis of local data, say the partners. The next steps will see the integration of customers into the energy market. The bundling and marketing of private PV system capacities could lead to additional revenue or the regional exchange of power via an energy cloud.

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