New stadium for SC Freiburg features intelligent heat management

Visualization of the Freiburg stadium

At the new SC Freiburg stadium, the pitch and the operating facilities will be heated with industrial waste heat – regulated by an intelligent load management system from mondas. (Copyright: HPP Architekten / Köster)

To ensure that the players for the SC Freiburg soccer club stay warm in their new stadium, mondas has developed an intelligent load management system to regulate heating at the stadium as well as at the new exhibition center. Both buildings are located just a stone’s throw from one another in the north of Freiburg. In the future, they will be heated with waste heat from the chemical company Cerdia, supplied via a heating network administered by badenovaWÄRMEPLUS. Since the industrial waste heat offers a capacity of just 6 MW, an intelligent load management system is needed to regulate the customer’s heating requirements. The mondas IoT platform ensures that the load peaks generated by connected loads are no longer time dependent, for example by heating the exhibition halls or the stadium’s pitch in advance. The system takes a variety of factors into account, including current weather data and temperature forecasts as well as the event calendars at both venues.

The intelligent load management system boasts economic advantages for everyone involved. There is no need for consumers to install expensive peak load boilers or storage tanks, and making better use of the grid allows the heating provider to connect more users in the future. The new stadium for the first-division soccer club will accommodate 34,700 fans and is scheduled to be completed in time for the 2020/2021 season.

Further information is available at the mondas website.

Tip: mondas will be represented at EM-Power 2020 from June 17–20 in Munich.

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