Privately owned batteries from the company sonnen used in pilot project for congestion management conducted by grid operators TransnetBW and Netze BW

Sonnen's virtual battery used for DA/RE

July 11, 2019 – The new digital platform DA/RE is using sonnen’s virtual battery to help develop new congestion management strategies. The idea is to take advantage of untapped redispatch potential in the distribution grids of the south German state of Baden-Württemberg. An intelligent control system charges or discharges the sonnenBatteries in the region as needed, for instance to divert energy away from overloaded grid nodes. The closer a storage device is to a congested area, the more effectively it can intervene to help ease the load for the entire power grid.


The pilot project was launched in April 2019 by transmission system operator TransnetBW and distribution grid operator Netze BW with the support of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment. A number of power grid and plant operators are taking part in the project alongside sonnen. However, sonnen is the only participant with a virtual power plant consisting entirely of decentralized domestic storage systems. 

DA/RE is the German abbreviation for “data exchange in redispatching.” The project is a pioneering development in the field of grid security. Its aim is to exploit the flexibility offered by decentralized installations in order to stabilize the power system as a whole.


Source: © EEM Energy & Environment Media GmbH, Photo: sonnen GmbH