Smartphone app for identifying power guzzlers

The iONA app provides customers with a clear overview of their power consumption.

The app shows how much energy different appliances are using and how much the electricity needed to power items like the refrigerator costs each month. (Copyright: innogy SE)

Innogy has developed the iONA app to offer added benefits to consumers who install a new digital smart meter. Together with a receiver unit, the app provides customers with detailed information about their electricity consumption. First, the smart meter sends all the data it collects to the iONA receiver, which then transfers this over the internet to a platform in the cloud. The platform stores the meter data, identifies appliances, breaks down costs, produces forecasts and, if desired, issues warnings when electricity consumption is unusually high. Users can access their data and analyses at any time using the smartphone or web version of the app.

The energy management package is due to launch on the market in March. innogy has underlined that high data protection standards will guarantee maximum data security and data sovereignty. For Dietrich Gemmel, Head of Private Customers for Germany at innogy, the technology forms the basis for a whole spectrum of new energy services, including energy management services for prosumers. For example, with a smart energy management system, prosumers could run their electrical appliances using electricity from their own photovoltaic installation as often as possible, with the energy manager ensuring an optimum balance between at-home electricity generation, storage and consumption at all times.

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