Stromnetz Hamburg digitalizes power meters at the Port of Hamburg

Energy management with digital power meters

The Hamburg Port Authority is turning to smart power meters and Stromnetz Hamburg’s online energy management portal to improve its energy efficiency. (Copyright: Stromnetz Hamburg / Jörg Müller)

Since the end of last year, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has been equipping more than 300 electricity measuring stations at the Port of Hamburg with digital power meters. The meters can be read remotely and promise to automate and further improve energy management at the port. Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH developed the digitalization plan and its field team has been collaborating with HPA real estate management to systematically replace meters across the entirety of the port – from bridges and port railway facilities to the docks and industrial areas scheduled for development. Almost all of the power meters have now been retrofitted, enabling them to transmit hourly or quarter-hourly values. The data are automatically transferred via GSM to Stromnetz Hamburg’s online energy management portal, where they are processed in accordance with user needs. In areas where GSM reception is not available, Eric Kallmeyer, Metering Division Manager at Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH, reports that the company has turned to other technologies – for the past year, increasingly to LoRaWAN.

Smart metering service delivers transparent data

HPA’s energy manager can call up the data in the online portal and perform graphical analyses or use them to compile a sustainability report. The portal also makes it possible to visualize energy consumption costs and identify cost drivers. The system is not limited to electricity: data from other energy sectors such as heating, gas, cooling or even water can be utilized as well. “The new energy management portal provides the Hamburg Port Authority with a versatile tool,” enthuses Tino Klemm, CFO of the HPA. “Inconvenient and error-prone readings are now a thing of the past. And thanks to increased digitalization, HPA can also keep better tabs on its strategic energy conservation goals and the analysis features reveal additional measures with energy saving potential.”

For more information, please visit: Stromnetz Hamburg (only in German)

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