Secure communication in the energy network

The first certified smart meter gateways being installed. (Photo: Power Plus Communications AG)

Febuary 6, 2019 - Since the German Federal Office for Information Security certified the first smart meter gateway in mid-December 2018, customers have already begun having the devices installed. The gateway was developed by Power Plus Communications AG in cooperation with OpenLimit SignCubes AG. Eight other smart meter gateway manufacturers are currently undergoing the BSI’s certification process. The so-called obligatory ‘rollout’ starts when at least three certified devices become available on the market. The German Federal Network Agency estimates that there are a total of 6.5 million metering points nationwide which are subject to an installation obligation for smart electricity meters. This obligation affects consumers that consume more than 6,000 kWh per year, consumers who have agreed upon a smaller grid charge for controllable appliances (e.g.) heat pumps, and generating installations with an installed output greater than 7 kW.

Special exhibit for smart metering and energy controlling

Smart meters are intended to help achieve a secure and standardized form of communication within energy systems and also to support the energy transition’s digitalization. They are a precondition for efficient energy monitoring and controlling and a key element of energy management in industrial enterprises, singular properties, building complexes and neighborhoods. The EM-Power exhibition, taking place for the second time in Munich from May 15–17, will keep visitors abreast of the rapid development and significance of smart metering and energy controlling with a joint booth of the same name. Companies can present their solutions for smart metering, the operation of metering points, energy monitoring and controlling as well as energy management systems in an exclusive environment.

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