Smart living thanks to solar energy

Eine neue, vernetzte Siedlung in Florida soll sich selbst mit Solarstrom versorgen.

A new, interconnected residential estate in Florida is designed to power itself using solar energy. (Image: sonnen)

November 30, 2018 – A new residential community is being developed in the coastal village of Cortez, Florida, which will see every building equipped with a PV system, a sonnenBatterie solar generator, smart thermostats, a wall box for electric vehicles, and a Google Home system. Electrical appliances such as fridges, washing machines and coffee makers can be interconnected and directly controlled via the home automation system. According to sonnen, this project is the first to connect a domestic storage system to Google Home, which will maximize the consumption of self-generated solar power.

The company – based in Germany’s Allgäu region – is developing the project in collaboration with the US developer Pearl Homes, which specializes in sustainable construction. It will be the second sonnenCommunity in the USA. In the first phase of construction, 148 houses were completed to environmentally acceptable and energy-efficient standards. The second phase will see an additional 720 houses built as rental homes for families.

The company sonnen wants to use its platform sonnenCommunity to interconnect the buildings so that surplus energy can be distributed between them. This would make it possible to cover the estate’s energy demand almost entirely using self-generated electricity, with zero CO2 emissions. In total, there will be around 870 households with a storage capacity of 9 MWh and an output of 7.2 MW. The estate is also designed to contribute to the stability of the power grid and reduce the burden on the region’s supply network through intelligent energy management.

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