The Siemens campus – a reference project for smart buildings

 Der Campus wurde mit Building Information Modeling (BIM) geplant und gebaut

The new campus also has a production building where fire alarms and other devices are assembled. (Photo: Siemens AG)

February 6, 2019 - Siemens AG opened its new campus in the Swiss municipality of Zug in December. The campus includes a new office building with 1,000 work stations and a new production building. The corporation invested approximately €221 million into new buildings, renovations and work attached to this. The campus is the international headquarters of Siemens’ Building Technologies (BT) division. For the CEO of Siemens BT, Matthias Rebellius, the new campus is a testimony to energy efficiency, future-oriented work and digitalization’s chances in building technology. “A smart building is flexible, it learns from previous interactions, constantly adapts to the requirements of the building’s user and actively contributes to their success,” Rebellius said at the building’s opening.

The integrated building automation system optimizes the demand for energy

The Siemens campus in Zug is one of the first new building projects using building information modeling during planning and construction. According to a press release, a 3D model strengthened by technical information relevant to future operations was the foundation for the efficient, cost-optimized and proactive building management. The campus complex is equipped with Siemens technology and fulfills stringent sustainability standards in accordance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system. An integrated building automation system complete with energy optimization controls energy consumption and every facet of building technology. Energy-efficient heat pumps use water from Lake Zug as a heat source and for cooling. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are fitted with heat and cooling recovery systems. Waste heat is even recovered from atmospheric pressure systems used for production. Another PV installation is to begin operating in early 2019.

(Source: Siemens AG)