Professional energy customers take center stage

Interview with Martin Pfränger on the 2018 premiere of the EM-Power exhibition

In addition to the established exhibitions Intersolar and ees Europe, Solar Promotion has joined forces with FWTM and Messe München to present EM-Power for the first time in Munich in 2018.

Under the umbrella of The smarter E, two new exhibitions – EM-Power and Power2Drive – will be held alongside Intersolar and ees Europe in Munich this coming June. Why is Solar Promotion taking this step?
The global energy industry is undergoing a radical transformation, with the integration of renewable energies, digitalization and decentralization leading to lasting changes. The platform The smarter E brings together topics and related events associated with the new energy world as a whole. This allows the latest developments to be addressed in more detail, and discussions between the various sectors and industries to be more actively promoted. The smarter E is also a response to the developments taking place within our exhibiting companies, which are relying increasingly on integrated and intelligently connected systems and services.

The name Power2Drive hints at the topics to be covered. What is behind EM-Power? And what is special about this new exhibition?
EM-Power is dedicated to the intelligent provision and use of energy in industry and buildings. It presents renewable and efficient energy technologies, smart energy management systems and services as well as operator models which are crucial for the professional prosumers of today and tomorrow. EM-Power is the first exhibition in Germany where professional energy customers take center stage. We provide exhibitors with direct access to executives and specialists in this area.

What is a prosumer?
The word prosumer is a composite of producer and consumer. In the new energy world, customers are no longer energy consumers dependent on monopolies, as they once were. While large-scale power stations located far away from consumers were once the norm, today photovoltaic installations, decentralized heat/power generation units and heat pumps are increasingly being used to generate electricity and heat where they are actually needed – at the site of consumption. This means that prosumers are simultaneously energy producers and consumers. Self-supply with decentralized and renewable energy as well as contracting and energy services are breaking down the barriers between producers and consumers, creating new business models. This development is a focal point EM-Power.

Who exactly are prosumers? Which visitor groups does EM-Power target?
Our target audience comprises professional energy customers. EM-Power is directed towards energy, building and facility managers, planners and consultants from industry, the real estate sector and local authorities who are looking for sustainable, safe and cost-effective solutions for their buildings and installations. This includes everything from production facilities, residential buildings and hotels to hospitals and care facilities. But the exhibition also offers executive-level decision makers at medium-sized companies the opportunity to get a better sense of new possibilities for supplying their businesses and buildings with energy.

How will you reach these target visitor groups?
As part of The smarter E, EM-Power benefits in terms of visitors from the leading industry exhibitions Intersolar Europe and ees Europe, which draw over 40,000 trade visitors from the solar and energy storage industry, including more than 11,000 project developers, each year. Energy consultants, architects and companies also rely on the two exhibitions to keep up to date on solutions for intelligent energy use. As a co-organizer of EM-Power, Messe München helps attract a wide range of visitors through synergies with related exhibitions such as Expo Real, BAU, electronica and IFAT. In 2018, the Automatica exhibition, which takes place every two years, will also be held at the same time and tickets will be valid for entry into EM-Power.

Which exhibitors will find EM-Power particularly appealing?
The exhibition is of interest to all companies that offer solutions and systems for decentralized and renewable energy supply, for energy consumption optimization, as well as for building automation and energy management. A key aspect is that the industry professionals are offered practical and sustainable solutions for energy supply.

There are of course many exhibitions where companies in the energy efficiency industry can demonstrate their products and services. Why should they come to EM-Power?
The current exhibitions at which the industry presents itself are primarily aimed at professionals from the HVAC industry, as well as building services planners, architects and sometimes also wholesalers, or – in a smaller, more regional context – private and commercial construction companies. At EM-Power however, exhibitors have access to professional energy customers, who may, for example, be developing a concept for a residential site and looking for sustainable solutions for a suitable energy supply. These customers may also include the operator of a care facility or hotel, whose heating plant must be replaced, or the production manager who wants to incorporate energy management according to the ISO 50001 into his medium-sized production operations.

Does the exhibition offer an accompanying program that is open to exhibitors?
At EM-Power we are planning compact expert forums in Hall C2. Collaborative partners and exhibitors will have the opportunity to present best practice projects, examples and energy solutions – practice-oriented and tailored for target groups – or discuss trends in the efficient use of technical building systems. Industry associations and institutions from all relevant specialist areas are also included. The expert forums will be conducted in cooperation with Messe München.

Will there be a specialist conference like there is for Intersolar and ees Europe?
For 2018 we are organizing The smarter E conference, which will address overarching topics like digitization and decentralization, grid infrastructure, load management, smart buildings, smart grids and much more. A separate EM-Power conference in 2018 is not currently planned. The aforementioned expert forums create a space for sharing expertise at the exhibition.