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How can a hospital’s high energy costs be reduced? Is energy contracting worthwhile when renovating a school’s heating system? What current developments are relevant for professional energy customers? Energy officers, facility managers or project developers looking for answers to these questions will find them not just at the exhibition EM-Power itself, but also in a monthly newsletter with examples of best practice for a range of industries including hotels, hospitals, production facilities and commercial residential buildings. The newsletter will also use interviews and a selection of news items to report on current issues that will be of interest for building and facility managers, planners and consultants working in industry, real estate and local government.

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Newsletter Archive

Newsletter March 2019
More than just a phase | Clinic saves resources with cogeneration system| Taking a look behind the meter |Future Living district tests smart home concepts| Electricity and data flow savely with a smart meter

Newsletter February 2019
Between energies | Secure communication in the energy network | The Swiss use their own solar power | The Siemens campus - a reference project for smart buildings

Newsletter January 2019
Chain store opts for smart power meters | Smart living with solar energy and storage | New energy planned for old airport | Clean energy retrofits | It’s time to take a stand on climate conservation!