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How can a hospital’s high energy costs be reduced? Is energy contracting worthwhile when renovating a school’s heating system? What current developments are relevant for professional energy customers? Energy officers, facility managers or project developers looking for answers to these questions will find them not just at the exhibition EM-Power itself, but also in a monthly newsletter with examples of best practice for a range of industries including hotels, hospitals, production facilities and commercial residential buildings. The newsletter will also use interviews and a selection of news items to report on current issues that will be of interest for building and facility managers, planners and consultants working in industry, real estate and local government.

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Newsletter Archive

Newsletter April 2020
Change starts in the mind I Interview: "Every company needs to take action" I Combining energy supply and e-mobility I Audi demonstrates sustainability in glas and steel I PV-Symposium will take place at the end of August!

Newsletter March 2020
Everyone is responsible for emissions I Danfoss to decarbonize its business by 2030 I Everything changed in 2019 and demand skyrocketed I Schneider Electric commits to 100% e-moblity by 2030 I First local electricity market successfully tested I ntersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste

Newsletter February 2020
Energy management delivers comfort and efficiency I Concerns strengthening the development of fuel cells I Toyota plans sustainable city with PV and fuel cells I AI makes neighborhood e-mobility profitable I Intersolar Middle East on March 3–5, 2020

Newsletter January 2020
Energy measurements delivering eureka moments I Heat pump technology for industrial drying processes I Holistic energy management on ice I Solar oysters produce power and heat instead of pearls I Electricity market perspectives until 2040

Newsletter December 2019
IT company forms a local energy community | App helps costumers optimizing their heat usage | Microgrids open up new earning potential for farmers | Choosing Fuel Cells micro-CHP for juicy steaks | White Paper "Charging your electric fleet" | Missing something? Get access to past webinars!

Newsletter November 2019
It takes a village | Intelligent heat management for SC Freiburg | Port of Hamburg digitalizes power meters | Lodge in Kruger National Park equipped with microgrid | EM-Power: Take your chance with our joint booths

Newsletter October 2019
The easy way to optimize voltage and savings | Energy-positive building in Norway uses solar energy | Photovoltaic expansion to prevent electricity shortfalls | Generating, storing and consuming solar power | The smarter E India: 3 energy exhibitions in one place

Newsletter August 2019
Energy management keeps everything shipshape | Hydrogen CHP to form part of a pilot project in Dubai | Carbon dioxide calculator for logistics centers | ABB modernizes Italian wind power utility |  Intersolar goes Mexico!

Newsletter July 2019
The first step isn’t always the hardest I A cabinet full of clean energy I Dining atop a giant thermos I Using process heat for indoor heating I Eletrotec + EM-Power: premiere in Brazil

Newsletter May 2019
Multi-family dwelling gets by without grid connection I Helping navigate a sea of data I Integrating prosumers into the energy market I ABB and MVV join forces in the name of efficiency I Smart Renewable Systems Conference