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The (Non-)Financial Drivers and Benefits of Smart Energy Prosumer Models

Developments technology, services and markets are paving the way for prosumers to participate in the energy transition in new and evolving ways. Many markets are only now opening up to aggregated flexibility and Distributed Energy Resources, which offers interesting opportunities for households, communities, commercial buildings, and industrial players.  

As these solutions become more mainstream, there is also a growing need to look at what is driving the choices that prosumers make in using energy, whether these models are sustainable in the long term, and what their overall impact is on the energy system.
In a recent publication, smartEn, the European business association for demand-side flexibility explore eight different smart prosumer models and their (non-)financial drivers. This webinar will have a closer look at the finds in the report and discuss several examples. 

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Highlights of EM-Power 2019

Watch the highlights Em Power 2019 in this video. EM-Power, the exhibition for intelligent energy use in industry and buildings, is the first exhibition in Germany to put the spotlight on professional energy customers – with their demand for efficient energy technologies, intelligent control systems and energy savings – and the key concepts underpinning the energy transition in industry and the building sector. Alongside Intersolar Europe, ees Europe and Power2Drive Europe, it is part of The smarter E Europe - Europe’s largest energy industry platform.

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