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Highlights of EM-Power 2019

Watch the highlights Em Power 2019 in this video. EM-Power, the exhibition for intelligent energy use in industry and buildings, is the first exhibition in Germany to put the spotlight on professional energy customers – with their demand for efficient energy technologies, intelligent control systems and energy savings – and the key concepts underpinning the energy transition in industry and the building sector. Alongside Intersolar Europe, ees Europe and Power2Drive Europe, it is part of The smarter E Europe - Europe’s largest energy industry platform.

EM-Power - Energy behind the meter

Renewable, decentralized, digital and, above all, efficient. That's what modern energy supply looks like. For planners, consultants and building managers, EM-Power is the place to go today for answers to tomorrow's questions. Join us in Munich!

Past Webinars

E-Mobility in buildings and businesses

This free webinar takes a look at best practices for merging e-mobility and buildings, presented by Thomas Höllthaler, The Mobility House. 

If you would like to access the presentation and recording (in German), register for our Webinar Archive. 

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Large-Scale Storage Systems for Industry and Production

Applications in industry and commerce and for private and municipal utilities

In the context of the much-discussed energy transition, the use of large-scale storage systems is taking on an ever-greater role in commerce and industry, as well as for utilities. The aim is for storage systems to bridge the gap between the volatile infeed from renewable energy sources on the one hand and grid electricity demand on the other. As the grid is unable to store energy, exactly the same amount of power must be fed into it as consumers are drawing from it at any given moment. Linking up grids over large areas is of course another way to mitigate this issue. In this webinar, the speaker will be addressing the question: “When are commercial storage systems worthwhile?” Economic assessments of storage system projects show that – with just a few exceptions – battery storage systems must perform multiple tasks to generate a good return on investment. As every task contributes to the storage system’s overall revenue, it is common to look at it in terms of multiple revenue paths that combine to give the total profit margin. These revenue channels and their context will be explored as part of the webinar.


The webinar took place on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 4:00pm (in German only)

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