Electricity and Data Flow Savely with a Smart Meter

At the end of 2018, the German Federal Office for Information Security certified the first smart meter gateway after a nearly two-year delay. As soon as two more certified devices are on the market, the mandatory rollout in accordance with the German Act on the Operation of Metering Points (MsbG) can get underway. In its 2017 Monitoring Report, Germany’s Federal Network Agency estimated that around 4.5 million meter points for final consumers need to be installed with a smart meter, that is, a digital power meter with a communication unit. This requirement affects consumers who require more than 6,000 kWh per year and customers who have agreed on a reduced grid charge for controllable appliances, e.g. a heat pump. 800,000 meter points for generation systems with an installed capacity over 7 kW will also have to be installed.

Saving energy and costs

Smart meters aim to achieve a secure and standardized form of communication within energy systems and also to support the digitalization of the energy transition. They are a precondition for efficient energy monitoring and a key element of energy management in industrial enterprises, singular properties, building complexes and neighborhoods. Many companies are already using smart meters to visualize and analyze their electricity consumption. This makes it possible, for example, to detect anomalies due to defective devices at an early stage and identify devices with a high consumption. Load profiles reveal long-term consumption patterns, which help to optimize time-of-use electricity tariffs or correctly size battery storage systems and generation installations.

Smart meters for future-oriented grids

The significance of smart meters extends far beyond the visualization and transfer of electricity consumption data. As the interface between smart buildings and smart grids, they are used in building services engineering and supply grid infrastructure – no longer just for electricity, but also for gas, heating, cooling, etc. The ongoing digitalization of the new energy world is opening up great potential for smart metering and energy controlling applications.

Smart Metering joint booth

A joint booth at the EM-Power exhibition will serve to keep visitors abreast of the rapid development and significance of smart metering and energy controlling. In this exclusive environment, companies will present their solutions for smart metering, the operation of metering points, energy monitoring and energy controlling as well as energy management systems.

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