Taking a look behind the meter

Interface between the housing and energy industries: A LoRa CLS gateway collects data from consumption meters and sends it to a smart meter gateway. (Copyright: Minol)

EnBW and the Minol-Zenner Group are seeking to use intelligent metering systems to simplify consumption billing in the housing industry. To realize this goal, a block of 19 apartments in Echterdingen, near the southern German city of Stuttgart, was outfitted in January with a LoRa radio network and a smart meter gateway certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Consumption data collected by the meters for heating as well as hot and cold water is transmitted via the radio network to a corresponding LoRa CLS gateway. The smart meter gateway (SMGW) receives the data from this submetering infrastructure and then sends it to a secure cloud along with data on power consumption for shared facilities in the building. In the cloud, the data is made available over the digital platform ImmoDigital+ for further analysis and various mobile applications.

The condensed metering infrastructure is meant to simplify utilities billing in the housing industry. The meters no longer need to be read manually. Readings take place in a timely manner, and transmission errors and subsequent, time-consuming billing corrections are avoided. In March, the partners are looking to fit this technology in properties belonging to their pilot customer Bau- und Heimstättenverein Stuttgart eG, a housing construction company.

(Source: EnBW)