Cost-Neutral Switching to Green Heat for Real-Estate Owners

Industry News – March 18, 2021

The GETEC Green eHeating system can achieve significant CO2 savings in existing buildings and make an enormous contribution to combating climate change.

GETEC and energy IoT company GreenCom Networks has founded a joint venture. According to their announcement, GETEC Green Heating GmbH will offer a contracting product for heat delivered as a service. Old storage heaters are replaced with new, digitally connected and controllable heat storage systems powered by green energy. The offer comes without installation costs in return for a 15-year heat-as-a-service contract and includes all necessary services such as hardware de-installation and installation as well as operational management, maintenance and billing. GreenCom Networks connects all the storage heating systems involved to its energy IoT platform, optimises the energy flows, and provides operational monitoring of the heating systems, including the virtual power plant. This enables GETEC to take advantage of the load and storage flexibility of the systems.

Currently, there are more than 11 million storage heaters installed in Europe, with UK (more than 5 million) and Germany (more than 4 million) leading in numbers. The average age of these storage heaters is over 20 years, which leads to reduced efficiency, continuously rising energy costs and little comfort for tenants. Apart from improved comfort and efficiency, replacing the equipment would also create opportunities from an energy perspective: In Germany, for instance, the combined total of all installed storage heaters could provide 15 TWh of storage capacity per year if they were bundled into virtual power plants.

After launching its solution to the German, Austrian and Swiss market, GETEC Green Heating expands to the rest of Europe now.

For more information, please visit: GreenCom

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