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Product Groups
  • Electricity trading and marketing tools (power supply, distribution via direct and flexibility markets)
  • Grid management technologies and services, grid system services, grid Monitoring
  • Software for analysing and simulating energy systems
  • Digitalisation, data management & analytics, IoT
  • Flexibility management (load management/demand response)
Contact Information
+49 711 34067860
Levl Energy GmbH
Birkenwaldstr. 34
70191 Stuttgart, Germany

Individual company presentation

For the first time, electricity storage systems in companies with a capacity of 50 kWh or more can be traded on the electricity exchange in addition to their existing use.

With our service, existing electricity storage systems in companies that already have a purpose, such as optimizing self-consumption, can be used to make green electricity more available. To this end, we want to pool the unused flexibility of the storage systems and connect them to the grid - we can even market electricity storage systems from 50 kWh onwards on the electricity exchange. In this way, we are also giving storage owners who were previously unable to trade on the market the opportunity to operate on the electricity market for the first time. Previously, this was only possible for storage units of at least 1,000 kWh.

To ensure that primary use is not impaired, we use our AI-supported flex analysis to learn exactly how the storage system is used and can use historical and real-time data to determine exactly when the storage system has what power available.

In the next step, these free capacities from the many small storage units are combined in a large virtual battery and marketed on the exchange in real time. This puts us in a technical position to make every storage unit tradable on the electricity exchange, regardless of its size.

So we buy cheap energy, store it temporarily and sell it on when the price rises. In this way, we make a major contribution to the energy transition and generate a large new revenue stream for storage owners through the margin - with no effort, no additional hardware and no additional investment.

The demand for renewable energies is increasing as electrification increases. However, not only the production, but also the storage of green electricity is a fundamentally important factor - because only with sufficient storage capacity can green electricity be made available at any time in the long term.

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