Smart Renewable Systems Conference 2020

Innovative solutions for an interactive new energy world.

Decentralization, digitalization and sector coupling are fundamentally changing the face of Europe’s energy system. The way users and solution providers used to interact is no longer set. How are local resources optimized and which opportunities are there for pro-sumers to engage in new sharing concepts and interactive energy services? How does the interaction of smart clean energy markets emerge in the wider system of virtual power plants? What options are there to gain value for TSOs and DSOs? Which digital platforms are available and how does energy trading in a decentralized system evolve? Leading energy strategists and experts will be discussing these dominant themes at the Smart Renewable Systems Conference, taking place at ICM – Internationales Congress Center München from June 16–17, 2020.

Smart Renewable Systems Conference


Conferences 2020

Four events under one roof

You won’t find more expertise in one place anywhere else.

At the four conferences of The smarter E Europe you can inform yourself about all facets of the new energy world and discuss with leading experts of the energy industry. Topics include for example the decentralization, digitalization and sector coupling of energy supply, technological trends in photovoltaics and energy storage, and the newest charging technologies for electric vehicles.